why second opinion & more about my writing philosophy

I learn most from unconventional, unexpected, somewhat counter-intuitive advice that I have heard from people. 

I enjoy hearing and interacting with people of opposing perspectives and opinions even though it’s rough and hard sometimes to consider these ideas readily and enthusiastically without inserting in personal bias into the evaluation equation.

these people and fresh ideas have transformed my life in significant ways and I realized that most valuable advice and insights for me have been those that are fresh, unexpected, specific, raw, and sincere. 

I intend to write this blog for others to read. Therefore, I want to make this blog as useful, relevant, and enjoyable as a reading experience. I want to deliver fresh, high-quality, value-added, rare-to-find, somewhat surprising insights that I have gathered from my personal experience or from conversations with people. 

how to read this blog

wherever you are, whatever stage you are in, I hope this blog offers something relevant, useful, and meaningful to you. This blog is written for you, whenever you need it.

this blog accumulates stories of emotions, questions, dilemma, mistakes, and other valuable life insights and experience on growing up that I have collected along the way.

I understand that not all advice, insights, and stories are equally relevant and relatable. Some people resonate with and find more value in some writings than others. Please take away what you find valuable, leave what you don't necessarily resonate with, and more importantly I hope you will be able to apply some of what you gain from this blog to real world situations whenever you need it most. 

this blog is for you.