My dad has faced many “deaths” in his life - as a nurse he saw soldiers die in the forests from casualties or unsanitary conditions at the time of war; as a brother he saw the sight of his first brother passing away from a motorbike accident…

Finding myself again

Someone has taught me that I could find blessing in disguise when I face challenges in life. Recently I have learned to accept that it’s okay to be in pain, to feel broken, to let myself in the dark for a while if need be. Because in the dark I will find the light.


“Life is just a work in progress. The boundaries between success and failure, between normality and abnormality, between possibilities and impossibilities become so thin and fragile. I felt a new sense of freedom in living life. Fewer self-imposed restrictions, fewer boundaries, just open space and a set of options to make.”

Coming Home

Yet, one thing stays constant, and that is the sense of nostalgia, the sense of amazement at how much I have changed, and the sense of appreciation for the people I have spent time with and experience I have come across that I take away with me in photos and in memories each time I come home.

My Brother

At the end of the day, though his menacing voice still arouses fear in me for making him wait for 5 minutes before picking me up from school, I always feel secure and privileged for having him as a brother.


I do less and live the presence more, letting life unfold itself and take me wherever it takes… And right now, life is giving me more time to breathe and to live the simple moments…with more thoughts and at a greater depth.