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hi, i’m Le!

Born & raised in Hue, Vietnam, I often see myself as a Vietnamese at heart and in community values and as an American in ideologies and ways of working. I’m an avid writer, reader, mentor, and slowly exploring design space. I currently work in Finance, Strategy & Data at Opendoor, a real estate startup. Earlier I worked in management consulting, banking, and education.

I’m currently focusing on building deeper self-awareness, community empowerment, and content development in the education sector outside of work. In college I worked on various youth development projects, organized conferences, and designed educational trips for students all over the world.

I enjoy tasting pastry and bread, listening to music, attending yoga classes and events in the city, wandering around the city and in book stores, exploring the arts. I am a contributor to Thrive Global and various publications on Medium.

I have various role models in life. Right now, they are Ngo Thanh Van, Kina Grannis, and my family.

Topics I’m currently thinking about are emotional fitness/management, empathy, well-being, love communication (to friends/family/partner), and purpose.

I believe in power of authentic, open communication, kindness, forgiveness, humor, and growth mindset.


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